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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Soul Diva, Modele has taken another step to spring back into the music arena with a potential hit track produced by IBK Spaceshipboi.
The track, aptly titled Elevation song(that's how the story goes), is an upbeat , hippy track that evokes strong senses of happiness, hope and encouragement and comes highly recommended for fans of Morning Songs to start the day or to keep the spring in the step of the listener all day long.  
Modele, a diva in her own right, has until very recent times, been on a ‘limelight break’. The voice behind hit tracks such as ‘Adara’ and ‘Titi lailai’(which featured rap sensation, Sasha) has been doing a lot of recording in recent times and her fans can be assured of even better music, judging from the quality of her recent track, ‘Thankful’, which has been enjoying rave reviews from music buffs.
IBK is a fast-rising rapper, vocal instructor, singer and producer who emerged from the camp of Cobhams Asuquo’s CAMP(Cobhams Asuquo Music Production) and has delivered hit tracks such as ‘I Have a Dream’, his pilot single off his debut album due for release 2012. He was the winner of the Don Jazzy Enigma beat competition and supplied the hot beat for the BET naija rap cypher 2011 . 
The result of IBK and Modele’s collaboration is this hard-to-classify, unique musical concoction, you can call it the 8th wonder!

I'm stepping out today  (ooh ooh ooh ooh) x4
forgetting yesterday that's how the story go!
I'm going higher and higher
throw the chains away
i'm gonna fly again
I wont be under no longer
like living waters overflowing
my life is ever growing
up up and away i go
that's the story
I'm stepping out today
forgetting yesterday
I'm going higher and higher
walking out the door
better than before
from ocean to the shore
turning back no more
I am not afraid
of what the people say
come what ever may
I'm gonna lift my hands and say

turn my back and walk away
ama never be the same
no playing games with the monster
celebrate a brighter day
have a party hip-huray
free to go stronger and stronger
like living waters overflowing
my life is ever growing
up up and away i go
that's the story
I'm stepping out today
forgetting yesterday
I'm going higher and higher
walking out the door
better than before
from ocean to the shore
turning back no more
I am not afraid
of what the people say
come what ever may
I'm gonna lift my hands and say

that's how the story go
like a beautiful record on your radio
I'm a rocket
see me go
to the top view me through your telescope
God made it so
I'm just living what He wrote

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Download the new IBK wall paper and dress your desktop/laptop/bbm dp with these pix and inspirational quotes from IBK spaceshipboi. it's EASY! all you need do is [right click on the pix you wana download and SAVE IMAGE AS...].God bless as you share with friends.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


You have heard his music, marveled at his creative genius and gotten blessed off the message he preaches. Now for the first time we get up close and hear him address the good people that support and love his work *that's right! you viewing this video, yup! you* in this short interview. Enjoy

DIRECTED by:  Dami B Awodiya for D'liciOuscity.
                                                            ff @dliciousdami 
                                                            blog:  www.dliciouscity.tumblr.com    GO ON! CLICK HER LINK
                                                                                                                              BE BLOWN AWAY


...And so it begins, my first post on my blog and it just had to be on my experience at the ACTION 4 JOS concert which took place on the 23rd of october 2011 at VGC lagos. 

Featuring were: JEREMIAH GYANG,BEZ,TOSIN MARTINS,MODELE,CHIDIMA,the CHOC BOYS and yours truely IBK SPACESHIPBOI amongst a host of other talented artist.
I decided to call today's post "Identify that opportunity" because that was how I got to be on the performance list. It all happened like this; I got a broadcast message on my phone, read through, found out it was a free concert with a charitable course which meant loads of people would be there, saw a great opportunity to share and get more people to hear and know more about IBK and the message of hope he brings, contacted the sender of the broadcast message, indicated my interest and boom! I had my chance to be a blessing to those in attendance.
I left the martainship lair *muuhahahahaha* for the venue with a very good friend of mine, singer and song writer Omolara *kai! We didn't even take picture together, I use hand cover face*
The sun was not happy at all, *kai!The thing just dey fire guys like dis ehn* and since it rained heavy the night before, the atmosphere was humid (recipe for sweating if you asked me). The concert kicked off with great performances from up coming artist and then it was my turn to mount the stage. As usual I felt that sense of nervousness but just a little dose. IK(the bigbrother presenter guy) goes "let's welcome IBK!!", few shouts and claps(u see why you have to tell more people about the good thing that you have found? Ehen! So they know ahead of time who IBK is and the clapping will be like thunder!) Lol! anyway, the track came on sharply and God did His thing through me. It was energetic and I enjoyed performing (I HAVE A DREAM). It was a smiling moment on stage seeing a ten year old boy singing the hook and people feeling the music. At the end, the cheers were louder.

 As I got off the stage, I reunited with friends and classmates of my one year stay at the University of PortHarcourt, friends from Covenant university, people that have heard about the name IBK and it's association with the DonJazzy enigma beat competition and lots more. Found myself signing autographs and giving out my single CD for I HAVE A DREAM, it was awesome being a blessing. My high point of my being there was when I met one of the men I respect so much Fela Durotoye. I gave him my cd and told him how much being present at his seminars back in 2007 inspired me to be where I am today. He demanded I signed the cd I gave him so I wrote "to that mentor Fela Durotoye, keep shining, IBK" *kai! I no even put date cause I was a little shaky, I cover face*. He prayed with me and told me some of his plans for the conferences he would be putting together in the near future.
It was a great time seeing Modele on stage singing the national anthem (we just made a track together by the way, watch out for that), Bez doing his thing with the guitar, Jeremiah has an awesome voice and the Choc boys destroyed the place! Brutal!
People came with clothes and other items. It was a big truck load of items that left the venue for Jos that night. It will be distributed to those in need over there. God bless all those that gave, and to all the artists that performed for free. Keep rocking

So, I hope you can see how, identifying an opportunity and acting on it can make you be a blessing to your world. God bless.

Enjoy some sights, sorry no sound. Hehehehe



                                                                                            IBK AND ANTONETTE 

                                                                                                    IBK AND LILY

                                                                                                  IBK AND HALLY

                                                                                           IBK AND TOSIN MARTINS

                                                                                        IBK, LYDIA AND sweet DAMI

                                                                        IBK, TARA, ANTONETTE AND FRIEND

                                                                                          TARA AND ANTONETTE 

                                                                                        FRIEND, BEZ AND LYDIA

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Hey family,

I figured before the year ended and we all jumped on the bang waggon of new years resolutions,I would start mine early on. For so long now I have had the vision of people hearing my music and understanding what the spaceshipboi movement was all about.  After winning the Enigma competition earlier this year; along came the interviews from radio stations, magazines and other forms of cyber media. I had an idea, a light bulb experience and rather than letting everyone else write about who IBK is. Why don't I write my own story.
So I want you all to sign up and follow your boi on this spaceship journey of fulfilling what I was put on this earth to do.

Now before you decide to be a regular visitor, one thing I can assure you is:
you'll be the first to hear the new records I put out
100percent inspired-ness-ness from the different daily experiences you'll find about me on this page ,
I will fulfill my promise of sharing with you the real hustle of being an independent artist within the Nigerian entertainment industry sharing with you the challenges of living a Christian life and how to maintain your stance with God where ever you find yourself. E no easy o! but grace is available.

So, if you are looking for a place full of inspiration, real stories,laughter,music and the good life. Then it is time to listen to IBK SPEAK....